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Posted By on 09/02/10 - Bookmark MILF Sites


I am sure that you just like millions of other people in the world hate your medical service provider.  It is too damn expensive, the doctors who don’t do shit get paid a lot of money, and the nurses are all soo soo busy that they are never around and when they are around they are extremely rude.  Well here is the solution, introduce those bitches to Bruthas who Luv Muthas.

Since the Obama plan will never really take shape until long after his presidency is over, and I don’t think we can have him provide this service.  I suggest that everyone of you find that friend who will fuck just about anything, preferably a Bruthas Who Luv Muthas, yes fellas that is right.  The majority of those little bitch nurses are mothers sacrificing the time otherwise spent with their children to help us.  Still don’t like em, but if a gardner can provide this kind of service, maybe… Just maybe…  They will be a little nicer. I know next time I go into the hospital I will offer to trim the hedges.

So go visit Bruthas Who Luv Muthas and see the first happy nurse you have seen in a while.  Plus hundred’s of other sexy MILFs taking some big black dick. 

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1 Comment

  1. I’d pop that bitches asshole in a second!

    Comment by Ronnie — February 2, 2013 @ 5:34 am

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