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Posted By Rhino on 09/03/09 - Bookmark MILF Sites


When it comes to blowjobs you cannot beat the heat a MILF can give your meat. That’s because Mommy Blows Best. She has been honing her technique for years and she knows what daddy likesand her daughter’s boyfriend too.

Each week a new MILF blowjob video is added. All of the episodes are full length and you can download everything to your hard drive. Videos are accompanied by high resolution pics and each video is broken down into chunks incase you don’t want the entire thing.

Mommy Blows Best is part of the Blazing network and gives you access to over twelve sites in a variety of niches. Everything from monster cocks to teen blowjobs is included.

Take the tour and check out all of the hot MILF blowjob videos waiting for you!

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Posted By Rhino on 08/13/09 - Bookmark MILF Sites

Reality Kings MILFs don’t stop with Reality Kings MILFs ye ol’college try!

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Karrlie is showing her neighbors son how to fuck a woman. Her husband use to toss karrlie around the sack till he grew tired of her pussy. Now the only way it gets any attention is when she is fucking random guys on

Milf Lessons is where you can find some of the hottest milfs showing random guys how freaky moms are. They fuck these lucky guys any where and every where, to them location doesn’t matter as long as they are fucking.

Every episode on comes with exclusive photos and videos of milfs fucking. The only thing you have to do is become a member to Milf Lessons and start downloading all the Milf Porn you want.

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Posted By on 07/24/09 - Bookmark MILF Sites, it is home to the most hardcore milf interracial scenes in adult.

Watch these horny milfs try to shove every inch of Blackzilla’s massive black cock down their throats, in their pussy’s and up their asses. It is incredible what these cock deprived mothers do once they get a hold of that huge black cock.

Check out My Mom Is Fucking Blackzilla today and see what I am talking about first hand.

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Posted By Rhino on 07/16/09 - Bookmark MILF Sites


Perhaps one of the best presents your girl can give you is her hot mom. At Fuck Mommy and Me you get more than one generation of hot, wet pussy to cram your cock into. As they say, two cunts are better than one!

One of the biggest problem with MILF sites that the videos are shot in lower quality resolutions. That isn’t a problem at Fuck Mommy and Me. These guys shoot these beautiful ladies in 100% pure HD.

You get a new episode on a weekly basis and the best part is Fuck Mommy and Me is part of a much larger network of sites. Honestly, I don’t know why people buy single site memberships anymore. With this password you get dozens of sites and they are all high quality.

Sites like Bang My Stepmom, MILFs Exposed, My MILF Boss, Sexy Cougars and When Wives Cheat round out the MILF niche. All of them are free with your Fuck Mommy and Me membership!

Then you get the strange shit like Tranny Banged My Wife. Something you probably wouldn’t buy by itself, but fuck me if it isn’t funny to watch!

Other niches are covered too like big cocks, teens, Latinas, ebony, Asian, amateurs and more. Every niche is covered by REAL sites with exclusive content. Not some cookie-cutter, bullshit, feeder content crap!

Take the Fuck Mommy and Me tour and see for yourself why two cunts really are better than one!

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After enduring decades of oppressive and often down right cruel office practices, female bosses are finally turning the tables. At no other time in history have so many big name companies been run by women. Often hard, mean, powerful women… with big tits!

Some of these female tyrants have a softer side. As long as they get what they want. Take Camryn Cross for example. She is willing to make things easier for her male assistant as long as he likes the taste of pussy.

With new weekly updates My MILF Boss is showing that having a female in charge can be a good thing. For a select well hung few…

Members get access to over 150 sites, 80+ of which are full fledge hardcore porn sites with weekly updates of 100% exclusive content. As a member you will also have access to a huge collection of adult DVD’s in 40 niches.

Take the My MILF Boss tour and check the join page for more details.

Posted By Rhino on 06/22/09 - Bookmark MILF Sites

MILF Thing. The only MILF site that specializes in finding hot MILFs, competent makeup and lighting professionals and videographers that actually give a crap about clarity!

You could say that the ladies on MILF Thing qualify for labeling as cougars. They don’t know what the word ‘no’ means. If they want a hard cock they take it. Often by force! is several niches rolled into one. In the videos associated with this post you get everything from cunilingus to MILF Thing are shot in 1920×1080. The same size as your wide screen TV! There are no digital rights management or download restrictions. I was able to download at 1MB/s! With that speed I was able to watch a DVD quality video in real time. No need to wait for a download!

Take the MILF Thing tour and experience the MILF niche on steroids!

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Posted By Rhino on 06/17/09 - Bookmark MILF Sites

Shyla Laveaux

Shyla Laveaux has been a lot of things to a lot of people. A devoted wife, a mother to two wonderful kids, she has served as President of her children’s PFA and delivered hot meals during the Christmas season for nine years running.

One thing Shyla hasn’t been is humiliated. Nobody and I mean nobody dares cross this woman. The world around town is that she uses crushed glass as a salad topper. Until now!

MILF Humiliation found this blonde bimbo dropping her kids off at school and did something for her that her husband could never seem to do, give her a squirting orgasm.

Believe it or not some high profile MILF babes dream of being abused. Hardcore bondage abuse. Everything from nipple suction to abusive gyno exams are used to whip these ladies back into emotional shape.

Your password to MILF Humiliation works across the entire Porn Pros network of sites. Everything from Jurassic Cock to Sleep Creep is included. With so many sites updating weekly you get multiple daily updates!

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Well it looks like Jennifer has found another use for her van other then to take the kids to soccer. I have come to realize that every women no matter her age has a need to be fucked hard.

Even the ladies that drive those minivans with the family stickers on the back windshield have a craving for cock. In fact those milfs are usually the kinkiest ones.

That is why some one started a site called It is all about horny older sluts that have not had young cock for so long. Now they’re just aching to get fucked like they used to get before the kids came along.

As a member of Minivan Mommies you get to enjoy exclusive videos of those horny mothers and their adventures. So check it today.

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Posted By Rhino on 06/03/09 - Bookmark MILF Sites


If there is one thing that used to piss me off growing up it was watching people get divorced. My mom and dad stuck together thank God, but I had a lot of friends with parents that for what ever reason, did not stick together.

It used to piss me off because often the mom was a bonafide hottie. They all got super sized racks after breast feeding was over. They were lucky enough to escape the stretch marks. They went to the gym and kept their bodies tight. And for some fucking reason my friends douchebag fathers all left them anyway.

That is where I came in. Banging a friends sister can be a problem. After all, they are highly protective of them by nature, but mom? Mom was another story. If he didn’t like coming home to mom and I in the Jacuzzi well… he can go to his room!

I was shocked to shit when I found out I was not alone in my obsession with banging hot moms. One day I searched Yahoo and found My Friends Hot Mom by accident. I was hooked! A tidal wave of memories came flooding back and I even hit up one of my old flames.

She is just as hot now as she was then. A little more refined and a little extra cushion for the pushing but other than that, a perfect 10! Over time she learned some new techniques and I had her deep throating my cock and gobbling my goo like nobodies business.

My Friends Hot Mom has even hotter moms than I ever got a chance to lay. They update weekly and you also get access to their others sites too. One of which deals with banging your sister’s hot friends.

So grab a pass to the only network giving you both the old and the new for one low price!

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Well that is one way for a cock hungry milf to get her big cock fix. is where moms like the one in the picture above can be found getting their old pussies fucked by some huge cocks. They don’t care who the big cock belongs to as long as they can take it for a ride.

If you have ever dreamed of fucking your friends hot mom, you will love Poke My Mom. So get check it out today you might come across that mom you always wanted to fuck.

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That is one way for a single mother of two to get back at her ex. Lani just found out that her husband had been having an affair with his secretary and thought maybe it was her fault for recently having a baby.

When she ran into the Milf Riders at a local bar they let her know she was a MILF and they wanted some of her. A couple of shots later she is on taking on two young hard cocks.

Lani even went as far as to send her ex the link to her episode on Milf Riders. If you want to see it just check out today.

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What is a Back Room Milf?

Well it is a site that is part of the World Famouse BangBros program. They decided to build because they always get very beautiful and mature ladies in their office always trying to make a few extra dollars.

Some times they shoot them for

Now you can find these first time amateur milfs that have never shot before all on one site for you to enjoy. The only thing these horny mothers know how to do is suck and fuck so check them out at Back Room Milf today.

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While being a cuckold husband (a guy that likes to watch his wife get fucked by another man) isn’t for everybody, watching smoking hot MILF get fucked is.

Please Bang My Wife is a take on the Henny Youngman one liner, “Take My Wife Please”. Only, the content of Please Bang My Wife would never fly back in the 50’s.

In this day and age is setting the bar high for what surfers have come to expect from a porn company. Please Bang My Wife is owned and operated by the Please Bang My Wife get more than just a hot MILF site, they get an entire network of porn sites. Some of them like Big Cock Teen Addiction dominate their own niches. With dozens of sites in dozens of niches you end up with a smorgasbord of porn more tasty then the blonde above’s sweet tits and more complete then Donald Trump’s real estate portfolio.

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hot milfs like the one in the picture. I know you can’t see her face but with a nice firm ass like that one who gives a fuck.

I guess the only way I am going to get that kind of action is by becoming a member of It is the only site on the net where you can see all of your fantasies come true involving some of the hottest and horniest milfs.

So if you are into seeing sexy moms taking advantage of the fact that they are smoking hot and young guys will fuck anything that walks, check Milf Soup.

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