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Posted By Rhino on 06/25/08 - Bookmark MILF Sites

Could you handle watching your wife get fucked by two complete strangers? Monica and Ross decided to give it a try so Monica could live out her fantasy of having him watch (like a good little boy) while she has sex. So what does Ross get out of it? Good question!

An even better question is, what do we get out of it?

The answer to that one is… Everyone has a different perspective, so we all get something different out of it.

First, lets talk about the guy that likes watching MILF sex no matter what the circumstances are. Handle My Wife is full of hot and horny MILF housewives. Each week they add an new episode and it seems the ladies get hotter with every update!

Now lets look at it from a different perspective. The guy that likes to watch his wife get banged by other guys. What does he get out of it?

Each new episode has a different twist. In some episodes the relationship is on the skids and new sex methods are needed to put it back on track. What better way to learn than by watching? Or maybe the relationship is fine and the hubby is just an extreme pervert? What about the guy with a medical condition. He wants her pleased and he wants to make sure he gets his monies worth.

Finally, there are those that like to see the tension. The perverts that not only want to see the sex, but also get off on the reaction of an upset husband. Believe it or not this person is often a husband that likes to get screwed over. Does he have mental issues? Who cares… Just watch the MILF babes getting banged!

Handle My Wife tackles many niches including MILF, big tits, interracial and housewives. In addition to, members also get access to their other MILF sites like Wife Likes Black Cock and DMILF. Along with MILF sites you get access to their other niches as well!

Check the join page at Handle My Wife for all of the info!

*** Also check out the 2 days free access trial!

Posted By Rhino on 06/20/08 - Bookmark MILF Sites

I am probably going to catch a bunch of shit for saying this because it will expose me as a punk as bitch. A real MILF connoisseur probably wouldn’t have these thoughts… When I want to bang a MILF her pussy has to look real fucking sweet. It shouldn’t look like a war zone.

That pussy above is definitely not a war zone. It is smooth, tight and ready for some action. This blonde MILF took excellent care of herself both upstairs and downstairs.

Fucking her adds a certain amount of sophistication to sex. This MILF isn’t afraid of taking a money shot though. Hey, it is 2008 and this babe is keeping up with the Joneses. It isn’t enough to give a good blowjob and keep your pussy tight, you have to perform like a porn star. I think we should all give her a hand or perhaps a load of cum.

The Reality Kings are the people that brought you Kimbo Slice. The Mixed Martial Arts newest bad boy. Grab your pass and watch him in videos for In the VIP and VIP Crew. Plus, get access to all twenty-one sites they run.

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Posted By on 06/19/08 - Bookmark MILF Sites

You’re going to shoot your load in your jeans when you see some of these hot older black milfs at young hard cock! These horny mature black women have been fucking and sucking cock for so long, there’s nothing they have not done! So if you like black chicks and milfs, you are absolutely going to love this site.

Let us take Midori with her perfect chocolate milk juggs for instance. She is a tough sexy black cougar so hungry to milk a super thick young black cock. That Midori threatened to beat up the crew of Midori got done fucking and sucking like nympho in heat. The crew ditched her.

Most of these black milfs get down right nasty.

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Posted By on 06/16/08 - Bookmark MILF Sites


Even Milfs have a preference. In the case of Olivia she only lets big black cocks in her Latin pussy.

Most of these Milfs have these rich old white guys who need to pop pills to get it up, so they love to be handled by a big strong black man. At Black Mother Fuckers you can find tons of the hottest matures getting fucked by massive black cocks.

These older broads are experienced and ready to take on the biggest dicks they can find. So if you are into Interracial Porn and Hot Matures then Black Mother Fuckers is for you.

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Posted By Rhino on 06/15/08 - Bookmark MILF Sites

For some strange reason MILF do it for me. I don’t know why and I probably never will, but ever since I sprouted my first pube I was checking my friend’s mothers out.

One of the nice things about having a MILF fetish, and in particular, a buddies mom fetish, is that she doesn’t have to be hot enough to marry and have kids with her. That part of the equation has already been taken care of by her ex-husband. Now all you have to do is bang her!

I would be the first to agree that the MILF above isn’t the hottest thing on the planet. Sure her body is banging but her face is not. However, when I want MILF and she will do reverse cowgirl, the MILF above will do just fine.

If you have been wondering why MILF is becoming this big obsession, I will tell you why… It isn’t above procreating and marrying your high school sweetheart. It is about hot steamy sex with a woman in her prime and who also just happens to be your high school sweethearts mother. Hey, what better way to celebrate Mother’s Day then fucking your Mother in Law?

The next time you hear yourself saying, "I Want MILF." Take your MILF curious butt over to IWANTMILF.COM and see this phenomenon for yourself. You can get trial access for only $1 and see their other 20 sites for free!

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Posted By on 06/03/08 - Bookmark MILF Sites


When I first seen this picture of Horny Granny Cara Lott on making some dude half her age sweat like he was running a marathon, it made my chubby get a little hard.

Then when I actually watched her having the hottest granny sex I have ever seen, I was ready to bust out my FleshLight and spend some time with it.

I am usually a Milf guy and not a Gilf guy but how can you not want to fuck a 50 year old lady that looks like a Milf and gobbles up young cocks and sucks up the juices to the last drop.

If Cara’s granny pussy doesn’t do it for you its okay because has more then just hot grandmas. You can find Milfs, Older Cougars and Grannies if she is a Mature Women you can find her on the site.

So if you think you can hang with a Mature Women, get your pass now.

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