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Posted By Rhino on 04/13/13 - Bookmark MILF Sites


She isn’t from Korea, but she is an import and since all Asians look-a-like, just fucking roll with it OK?

Fucking somebodies trophy wife is pretty fuck-tastic. Especially if you are the pool guy or a handy man of some sort. Somebody the prick that own the place thinks is below him and so unrefined his pretentious wife would never dare touching them. Fucking his trophy wife that he imported from Cambodia is even better. I mean, the fucker picked her out in a showroom, trained her and flew her over to marry him for Christ’s sakes!

Is that what really happened here? I don’t fucking know and I don’t fucking care either. It is my fantasy and I am going to populate it how I want to. If you don’t like where I went with this video you can go to and watch free MILF porn movies of your own that you can come up with a backstory to.

Now where was I? Oh yeah, she was just about to lick my balls clean.

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