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Posted By Admin on 09/29/22 - Bookmark MILF Sites

How to choose a quality TPE sex doll when you want to buy full body size sex doll and thus can’t come up with a larger budget to buy a sex doll?

Consider saving the budget in terms of smart vs. non-smart.

With the same design, materials, workmanship, intelligent and non-intelligent sex dolls, there must be some difference in price, after all, the intelligent part of the cost, like an “accessory” to add intelligent features, the natural price is higher.

If the budget is limited, you should give up the intelligent sex doll, choose non-intelligent sex doll, such as the special sale sex doll and best deals sex doll from

Although in the intelligent sound, body temperature and other possible intelligent features, non-intelligent dolls will be at a disadvantage, but because non-intelligent full sex dolls are also quality products, so in addition to the conceivable can not make a sound, not automatically heated, other aspects, intelligent and non-intelligent sex dolls will not be too different!

Consider the budget savings from sex dolls vs. half sex dolls

Needless to say, half-body sex dolls are a boon to friends with smaller budgets – compared to full-body size TPE sex dolls, half-body TPE sex dolls feel crippled, but do not affect the use; you can also choose 140cm sex doll, very short height makes these dolls are generally under 1000usd sex doll; or discard the doll’s customization options, special sale sex doll is also a good choice.

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